Tuesday, December 24, 2013

# Take 3


Happy holidays...
New Year just around the corner how fast it can be ?? ...Seven days more welcome to 2014 and my first paper for my final exam this 31 December..!!! Try not sleep before 4am..Yeahhhhh i'm not sleep but online, how come be like that haha.??? Just take 30 minutes here hopefully for short summary before 2013 close officially.
Just few days will be left behind as remaining 2013 sadness, happiness, new memories,new friends , and my new family member  will close all the 2013 stories in our life hopefully..,,still confuse and blurrr  what exactly happen to me through out 2013 but i'm not flying without wings i'm flying  with my soul here . i'm not fussy girl and so on....Hope next year will becoming with new hope new stories ( as usually) and new chapter in my life and ourlife together.I will be here for another 3 years...
Feeling super excited with what i have done...!! But seriously miss the moment with my friends in matric.

My new family member Mohd Faqif Naufal

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Friday, December 6, 2013

# Take 2

Greeting to all....

What we do ..
What we want right..?
And what i want to write here..???? Just think about it until i feels sleep maybe but hope not.

Seriously my life now become more,more misrable  just first year degree how come i be like this ( (try to aks my self) streesss.but it makes my self more 100km confident level hope so..Three weeks more aftet that i have a war, "My Final Exam".Grrgggggg..
I still not prepared huhuhu....
Right now prepared for tomorrow practical lab test, still has more than 20 slide needs to study but right now before feels sleep just want write  randomly,.....

When you feel the world is not on your side,
If you feels the world not talk to you,
If you feels that no one around you, you can smile,cry,
If you feels that nobody know you..
But you must realizes that "Something" that always with you..
Nobody know but you know who...

Miss my home actually.
Please strong my soul.....
Super excited 8/1/2013
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