Friday, December 6, 2013

# Take 2

Greeting to all....

What we do ..
What we want right..?
And what i want to write here..???? Just think about it until i feels sleep maybe but hope not.

Seriously my life now become more,more misrable  just first year degree how come i be like this ( (try to aks my self) streesss.but it makes my self more 100km confident level hope so..Three weeks more aftet that i have a war, "My Final Exam".Grrgggggg..
I still not prepared huhuhu....
Right now prepared for tomorrow practical lab test, still has more than 20 slide needs to study but right now before feels sleep just want write  randomly,.....

When you feel the world is not on your side,
If you feels the world not talk to you,
If you feels that no one around you, you can smile,cry,
If you feels that nobody know you..
But you must realizes that "Something" that always with you..
Nobody know but you know who...

Miss my home actually.
Please strong my soul.....
Super excited 8/1/2013
Terima Kasih

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