Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#take 7 Moon


It’s cold Malaysia but we can imagine like we live in oversea.
Phenomena today..

Can we touch this moon...?
Maybe yes  or no
The answer only with us
When the big wheel starts to spin we could never know the odds
If don’t start we don’t know which level  we stand now
Make a dream
Thinks that our fingers can touch  sky today
See the moon bright

And smile.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

#take 6 Ice Flower ....

Assalamualikum ...
Greeting to all...

Wuss up..still in mood holiday today.Another day quietly passes again and super jelezz to me i thinks.I am still living like that eat more,sleep more , watch movie and  play with all my son ( actually  my nephew still not married yetttt), my time totally full 24hrs with my family and meet my friend some chit-chat.That memories always remain in my mind Insha Allah..

If i can turn things back now just want to stay at home without do nothing just like cute baby sleep with mom smile always  and just cried if i’am hungry but now i ‘am not baby anymore already 21 yrs.And when i am sleep  dreaming to play roller coaster, scream and every time i hit a bump and i hope that i can throw my hands up in the air then dream to pick ice flower  play with it and  enjoy it hope i am.But now i’am with my reality life that i need to face it everyday  that my best experiences.

Maybe something we pretend do not know anything in life just know the thing that can make your  life more, more, more and more happiness why ?

Because needs to enjoy and make life for 24hrs that Allah give to us.
Make Allah first place in my life Insha Allah our life will be more super duper excellent.
Hope i'am and we're..

till them...

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#take 5


Alhamdullilah.. finish my  exam last Wednesday and now  Monday what i do here sleep + eat = gain more weight.Bersyukur sesangat Allah still bagi aku peluang untuk bernafas dan masih lagi merungut sepanjang masa terasa bertapa tak bersyukurrnya aku...
Need to wait 24 hours before my flight tomorrow evening feeling super excited and super jelezz cause some of my friend already landing to their howetown or buzzy  with their trip and familys.Looks like i can’t sleep tonight miss my home.
Ok..try to write something with mixing language.
Try to forgive...
Secara istilah yang mudah untuk difahami cuba untuk memaafkan.Yuppsss...nak say sorry tu sesangat mudah tapi dalam hati it’s mean that adakah kita dah boleh betul-betul memaafkan.Kalau secara realitinya aku memang seorang yang susah marahkan org but if i do hanya Allah sahaja yg tahu dimana tahap kesabaran aku genetic dari mana aku warisi belum sempat siasat maybe  dari ayah walaupun jarang nampak ayah marah tapi aku tahu kalau sesuatu berlaku ayah hanya akan mendiamkan diri sahaja and mak selalu pesan be rasioanal dgn apa yg kita buat and setiap patah yang keluar dari mulut fikir dulu and jangan mudah nak sakitkan hati org(Okkk..until now  still in practice)...And in my real life if  my friends do something that annoying i just prefer be in silent bukan bermaksud disini aku bisu just diamkan diri je semampu yg mungkin tapi bila dah tahap kesabaran ni tak dapat dikawal so mungkin org yg tak  pernah marah tu jadi lebih scary daripada org2 yg selalu marah korang2 boleh dengar ayat-ayat sepedas mungkin yg boleh terkeluar  ( cuba elakkan ) yelahhh..i’m direct person if i see something wrong directly i speak ..stop about me..

Just realizes something being sorry can be very hard when we’e overwhelmed with pride, we must thinks that sometimes our pride must take a fall before we lose out and at the time when we have to say sorry we should mean it from our soul and deep in our heart and remember that a meaningless sorry is like a broken promise to the heart try or forgive in our life May Allah
Cherish your day.....
 Salam Maulidur Rasul...........


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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#take 4

Hello and greating to all....

Welcome to 2014 .
 Still in mood exam...3 papers more..
Sometime when life it gets harder, just thinks easy  it means that maybe you and myself just level up new stage like candy crush, so never ever think of giving up until  finish what you already do.Yeahhhh...hope can finish my final paper as soon as i can and fly to go back my home.
Just try to saying nonsense again tonight,.. if i need to describe my life could i imagine that it like music for myself , really, really, really life music but i’m not a singer.Yupsss...since school always say that i want be d----r , but now what i do ? But still ok already fall in love with what i’m do right  now, but still need six or five year after this to be like that ...

             Without any doubt it would be, it just not only about our soul but is vein when we always imagine a light room with a big windows-wall.Outside calmly peaceful fall down a rain and inside , in complete silence near the fireplace under the warm cover near me stay my beloved family.I ‘m still try to learn more day by day.Try to be myself but sometime still missing something yeahhh not everybody perfect same this situation with me.But hope Allah will guide me for everything..

              Welcome to this year and  i’m already 21 years old..Hope be more mature  with anything that i do and don’t cry because time passing to fast and you’ll probably lose something that you love.So for this year just take may picture as we can, laugh like you never been hurt because every sixty second you spend upset is a minute of hapiness in you life can’t get back again, remember that...

 Till then...

Terima Kasih

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