Friday, February 11, 2011

silent scream........

Hard, cold metal,
Plunging inside the warm cavem,
Thrusting and seeking it's way,
Through the narrow passage,

It moves with precision,
Guided by skilled hands,
The intent clear,
Something has got to give,

Ah!It has arrived,
Now the process begins,
slowly, methodically,
The metal claws begin their work,

Plundering, ripping apart,
Bit by bit,
till at last, finally,
There is onlyemptiness  there,

Once,there was life,
Now there is nothing left,
Pieces of flash scrapped,
and throw off like unwanted meat,

The blood gushes through,
as if arening the losses,
The loss?
No the merder,
No one realy cared,
And now its to late,
was there anyone who,
Heard the silent ?


Terima Kasih

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