Monday, August 22, 2011

So In Love

                    Love, love and love again.It's ok if you all boring about love but i like to write about it hahahaahaha....Sebab dulu pernah ada angan-angan nak jadi penulis novel ala-ala hlovate tu la, tapi nak buat mcm mana aku buzy sekarang nie ( bajet pandai mengarang sangat ) ok whatever la yg penting aku suka apa yg aku tulis.Kalau tak suka no comment !!!
          Bagi aku yg masih ketandusan ilmu tetapi kaya dgn senyuman nie yupsss...suka senyum tapi org yg aku kenal jer.., life can be simple, that depends on one who like to live with it whatever la blablablaaaa.. Which to make it simple or complicated, it is up to one to decide. 

Simple living is easy to achieve if one learn to accept the unacceptable. Bajet mcm tak boleh hidup without love, bagi sesetengah orang jer ok bukannya semua. The words may not be the biggest word, but the kindness it holds will make it big to those who hear it. All these will be in place as God watches over one person from a distance...and then the miracle happens.That's is a something will happen in real life , no comment about that. Just tulis untuk sesuka shj je,..

Terima Kasih

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