Saturday, March 8, 2014

# take 9 Self Reflection


May Allah bless you with everything that you deserve for being such a selfless guide to us.Insha Allah.

Just thinks that throught out 21 years old i'm ..feels we do a lots of thing.And i realize we totally can not be a perfect in everything.Yeahhh..sometime feels lonely in life but Allah with us,miserable in life but Allah still with us.When Allah give this "test in life" mean that we near with Him.

But just remember one thing when you have the power of “doa” why do you need to rely on other ?

Are you so weak that you can not ask Allah ?

Are you so lazy that you can not stand up for tahajjud,Fajr?

Are you so weak that you willing to pay money,spend your valuable time searching for stone to straighten your life.

Just one stament that i read today “ Allah loves those who consider themselves sinners”  has actually given me a new and positive perspective to my life Insha Allah.When i wake up from sleep i hope make a changes in my life.Why ? Because i’m still a person that need to learn from the bottom of floor.The truth is no one perfect in life.We  all have strengths and weaknesses.

May Allah make us among those who return to Him with a sound heart .

(A reminder to myself first and foremost)

Terima Kasih

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