Thursday, March 13, 2014

# TAKE 10


Break time for study tonight, play broken angle song by Arash mix with Arabic lyric maybe, first time i heard this song and image the situation right now.Feeling sad when waiting something with hopeless.When they waiting help from us to save them.Only Allah know the real situation ...but either it's good or bad.Just read news MH370 everywhere..

The power only we have "doa".Berserah dan bertawakal.

Terrible story but we already face it today.I'm not profesional and 100% know about it and out of my study but i still want to know.Why ? That's our ways today.Something that happen out of mind only Allah know full story about it.He is the Best Planner, He is All Knowing and we don't know what is His plan.I don't want make a long story about it.

If i'm anablephobia but not actually just imagine, can change myself not to scared and looked down everytime.But i'm not robot can follow instruction directly.Can't i just walk away without thinking anything.Simple and short story from here we can't change anything with only one second .Why ? Because we human and that ourself.

It's all depend on us to trust ourself, even sometime i don't trust on myself.Why ? because a lots of mistake that i done without i'm realize.

And i need to learn from it.

Kata Syeikh Yusof Al Bukhour Al Hasani " Hati itu tempat letaknya Allah bukan ghaflah ( kelalaian ) jangan biarkan orang rosakkan hati kita.So berubahlah selagi diberi kesempatan jangan biarkan ia mati tanpa perubahan.

Just think this cartoon strip summarize it beautifully.
May Allah Bless Us.


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RynaHakimi said...

Nice sharing dear. Berubah utk jadi seorang yg lebih baik :)

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