Monday, June 2, 2014


Assalamualikum and greeting to all..

How miserable my life now..Yeahh...with my final exam and  “ some feeling that i hates so much”.Yelaa..bila time nak exam bagai nie laa terasa macam berperasaan sikit macam2 benda yg tak berkaitan terlebih fikir and last2 diri sendiri tertekan lahh..frust la dan perkara sewaktu dengannya.

Want to cry actually but still strong girl..Sometimes when we try to love someone at the end  the most painful thing that come.
Yeahhhh...i really try to avoid the process when we fall or try to love someone to much..Really, really , really try to avoid it.But i’m still a “human” that want to try and feels here a few thing that can me realizes and comeback to sense hopefully..

Why you do not sad ? Why you only let him go ?

Why ? Because I just lost one who never loved me when he is losing a loved one in he/she life.If he/she was created for me, he would come back to me.Allah is ever fair and all knowig.

Dalam erti kata lain..
Time2 nak exam bagai nie la mood jiwang yang tak berapa nak karat tu datang..Ishhhh..
Lepas nie dah boleh cari calon..
Prepared for final..then comeback home Insha Allah..      

Terima Kasih


fifie feyca said...

wow.. mcm memahami jek... fifie pun rase menda y sme.. tetibe kan emosi jadi 'mcm2' time2 nk exam ni.. pastu mula laa nk frust tension bgai xtentu fasal.. atooaii.. xpe we are strong girl.. fokus exm dlu pastu kita jiwang2 balik this is for our future.. hehe!! Good luck for your exm... chaiyo0k! chaiyook! fifie singgah baca entry n follow awk.. keep in touch.

Nurul_Atika said...

tq sudi singgahh sini..:) keep in touch

Nurul_Atika said...
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Piza laaa said...

Hai .. Gud luck for exam .. Opss one thing dont forget always smile err ~ cik admin .. ^^

Nurul_Atika said...
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Nurul_Atika said...

always smilee...Insha Allah.

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