Friday, January 24, 2014

#take 6 Ice Flower ....

Assalamualikum ...
Greeting to all...

Wuss up..still in mood holiday today.Another day quietly passes again and super jelezz to me i thinks.I am still living like that eat more,sleep more , watch movie and  play with all my son ( actually  my nephew still not married yetttt), my time totally full 24hrs with my family and meet my friend some chit-chat.That memories always remain in my mind Insha Allah..

If i can turn things back now just want to stay at home without do nothing just like cute baby sleep with mom smile always  and just cried if i’am hungry but now i ‘am not baby anymore already 21 yrs.And when i am sleep  dreaming to play roller coaster, scream and every time i hit a bump and i hope that i can throw my hands up in the air then dream to pick ice flower  play with it and  enjoy it hope i am.But now i’am with my reality life that i need to face it everyday  that my best experiences.

Maybe something we pretend do not know anything in life just know the thing that can make your  life more, more, more and more happiness why ?

Because needs to enjoy and make life for 24hrs that Allah give to us.
Make Allah first place in my life Insha Allah our life will be more super duper excellent.
Hope i'am and we're..

till them...

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