Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey semua...

I just found it so i want you all to read all this ok...and thinks about it!!

Anonymous asked: i have been expressing; as much as i could. but eventually you learn nothing about fact we came out of this as apart and as ignorant as ever.
yeah.maybe the fault was; i was the one who was supposed to understand your unexpressed expressions.
and yeah. the blame was on me. again.
[its about a friendship.randomly, can you just blurt out some word,some naseehah? i'm sorry, i just need a stranger's opinion. thanks in advance]

I’m so sorry for answering this very late coz I’ve been asking my friends about this. I didn’t get exactly what you’re trying to ask but anyhow, here are what me and my friends have to say about this.

1. Sabar. Be patience. Anger will only lead to many other problems . especially when you’re dealing with other people.

2.Think in their shoes. Everyone has different background and we should understand that. Walk in their shoes to know why they acted like that.

3. Confront. Met your friend and discuss with them face to face. Tell them the truth, clear up the misunderstandings.

4. Doa. Pray to Allah after you’ve did your best clearing the misunderstanding or preserving the friendship.
we cannot change others. But we can change ourselves. InsyaAllah, when we change, Allah will change others’ perception about you. They may need some times but eventually, with Allah’s willing, they’ll change their behaviour, the way they treat us. :)
Sorry. Not helping much. This is my friend’s answer btw,
Life is not pain...ok.

Moral value kat sini kalau kat mana pon kita berapa try2 la sesuaikan diri dgn alam nie.Don't make your life become trouble ok..!!

Terima Kasih

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